spinning instructor


Are you eager to stand in front of a group? Does enthusing other people make you happy? Can you stimulate, correct and motivate? Then you have come to the right place at our warm Big FAMILY! BigGym is known as a warm family, where attention for the hard workers in gym comes first.

what will you do as a spinning instructor?

As a spinning instructor, you will teach one or more classes in our BigGym! You think it's great to be able to freestyle during a spinning lesson and to give your own twist to the lesson. This means that thinking up a lesson, adapting a lesson and adding variation to it is no problem for you. To keep challenging our group members, we use a new lesson content every eight weeks.


You are the reason that people like to come to class, because of your passion, enthusiasm and drive. Because of this, you easily get people on board and make sure they get the best out of themselves during the lesson.

Furthermore, you are:

  • The instructor who gets a kick out of making people happy during class?
  • An instructor who can devise easy lessons and freestyle where necessary?
  • The instructor who can enthuse, motivate and correct?
  • Do you live in the vicinity of the branch?
  • The instructor who can enthuse, motivate and correct?
  • Are you a trained fitness instructor or have you had or followed a similar function and/or training? And have you gained the necessary knowledge and/or experience in doing so
  • Please be on time (at least 15 minutes before class) to chat with your colleagues and customers.

we promise

  • Free sports in all our BigGym branches;
  • Working days and hours in consultation
  • On a freelance basis

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